Sound Peace Chambers

Sound Peace Chambers are on most continents and surround the globe in a web of light. Like the womb of a mother the Peace Chambers are a womb for the earth. People join together to plant seeds of peace in chanting prayers for the earth and all who dwell on her. They are  sacred places where our being selves are nurtured in connection with the land and one another.

Joseph Rael received the vision to build the Peace Chambers in 1984. In his book ‘Being and Vibration’ Joseph Rael talks about his vision of the sound chambers: “My vision came during a long dance. The Cosmic Mother/Father being came in a flash of light, a point of illumination which lasted only two or three seconds. I cannot begin to explain this vision, it was so beautiful. In the vision I was given a task – to build sound chambers around the world.”


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