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Joseph Rael

Joseph Rael received the vision to build the Peace Chambers in 1984. In his book ‘Being and Vibration‘ Joseph Rael talks about his vision of the sound chambers:

“My vision came during a long dance. The Cosmic Mother/Father being came in a flash of light, a point of illumination which lasted only two or three seconds. I cannot begin to explain this vision, it was so beautiful. In the vision I was given a task – to build sound chambers around the world.”

Fire Ceremony

“We light a fire for peace and for harmony, as we enter the new world that has always existed. We are re-born seeds of peace. We are the manifesters. We are the presence of God. We are the reverence. We are the blessed ones. We are the sacred. We are the holy ones. We are harmony. We are being and vibration. We are everything. This is where we can know that we belong, all of us together, for we are the people.” Joseph Rael – Beautiful Painted Arrow

The fire ceremony comes from the visionary work of Joseph Rael. On the 7th of every month EarthSong joins with other Sound Peace Chambers around the globe in lighting a fire for Oceanus and the purification of the waters of the earth. A fire is ceremonially prepared and then lit by a fire tender at 7pm. Those in attendance settle into silent observation to watch the flames, hold intentions and offer silent prayers for peace, harmony and purification of the waters of the earth.

Green Building

Aside from wanting the construction of EarthSong to be a community project created in a loving and joyful attitude by individuals who felt called to participate in its creation, we also wanted to assemble the peace chamber using natural, environmentally safe building materials collected from local surroundings. The walls of EarthSong are made from cob, which is mixture of Earth, sand and straw. The lumber for the posts, beams and roof as well as the straw bales were collected from the neighborhood and the sand came from the excavation of the site.

The Truth Window

This door is typically found in buildings constructed with straw bales. The comfortable thick walls (which have an insulation value at least double that of typical construction) are made of straw bales covered inside and outside with several layers of cob. If you doubt that such a solid structure as this actually has straw for walls, you are encouraged to open the small oak door to find out the truth.

Truth Window

The Roof Construction

The roof is supported by ten 6”x 6” posts to which the ceiling beams are attached. The wood for the posts, beams and ceiling timbers were made from trees that were cut down at GilChrist Retreat Center in the Fall of 2000 to make way for a new gas pipeline which traversed their land. The trees and the milling to our requirements were a gift of GilChrist. Thus, the posts, and not the straw bales bear all of the weight of the roof.

Inside the Chamber

The Wall Tiles

The first wall tiles were created in three workshops during the winter of 2000 led by Kalamazoo art therapist Sharon Cipriano Galbreath. Participants were directed to create images which reflected their thoughts about Peace, Joy, or living lightly with Mother Earth. Since then many other friends, visitors and relatives have created tiles which we have also placed on the walls.